Building the best online learning experiences

At Tribune Learning we are committed to taking learning to the next level, not tomorrow but today. By operating a state of the art learning platform and offering a full range of services we are able to provide both turn key, out of the box and bespoke online learning solutions.

  • Empowering the new generation

    Education is in constant change. However, never before in the history of mankind the has change been so accelerated. New technologies are here to empower health care professionals to reach further and gain more knowledge.
    At Tribune Learning we work with the latest technologies in our ultimate goal of providing the best learning experience.

  • Behind Tribune Learning

    Tribune Learning is an initiative started by Tribune Group, the international publisher of Dental Tribune, Today, Lasers and various other medical magazines. With the move into the online learning space we aim to provide unparalleled advantages for our partners in education and empower the new generation.

  • Dental & Medical Education

    We are one of the pioneers of online dental education. When building Dental Tribune Study Club, the international online learning platform of choice for dental professionals, we have experimented with all the technologies available. Along the years, we have constantly updated the technologies we employ in order to provide our audience with the possibility to make use of the latest technological advances.

  • Custom niches

    We are looking to expand our platform into several other fields besides medical. The opportunities are limitless

  • Customized campuses

    Our studies show a great ROI for all education investments. Companies now realize that, by engaging in educational seminars with professionals, they are reaching broader markets. Also, by leveraging the power of the Internet, we provide companies with access to internationals niches of professionals for a true global reach.

  • Full marketing support

    Not only do we build learning platforms for our customers, we also actively help promote them to a wider and wider audience, ensuring that their message reaches the intended niche or geographical area. Our experts help with both traditional and online media for a successful marketing mix.

  • Internationalization

    Being a real international company with local offices in most countries, we are able to build and support a truly international online learning platform with localized content. We have done it for our customers and we are looking forward to have you as a partner as well and unlock the amazing potential of a worldwide online presence.

  • Oh, and there’s even more!

    Unfortunately, this brief demo website cannot illustrate the true potential of the platform’s capabilities, you’ll just have to see it for yourself!